FamilySearch Developers Conference Hack-a-thon

Four Challenges in One Hack-a-thon

1. FSDC Mobile Challenge using Javascript SDK

Create a Mobile application using the FamilySearch JavaScript SDK mobile features. Read person data, discussions, change history and/or sources.

Challenge Coordinator:  Dallan Quass

2. FSDC Application Using the new Place 2.0 API

Create an application of value that searches, reads, analyzes, and/or presents place-based information using FamilySearchs places standards. Search for a place or search for a place within a juresdiction and get all the details including longitude and latitude.

Challenge Coordinator:  Dan Shellman

3. FSDC Anything Goes

We will have a brainstorming meeting early afternoon of the first day of the conference to flush out ideas for this project that others can agree upon and join.

Challenge Coordinator:  Jayce Hall

4. Mobile Family History Game

This project will utilize an existing open source game such as 2048, Go, Chess, Checkers and customize it with family history data from FamilySearch. Taking advantage of open source code and simply customizing it will allow us to complete a full game and get it in the google play store in 8 hours. The entire project will be developed in a public github repository. Suggested technologies: PhoneGap, html, css, and javascript."

Challenge Coordinator:  Matt Misbach

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The team can provide a powerpoint, URL, or an executable demo.


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The winners will be selected using popular choice voting!

Judging Criteria

  • Just choose your favorite projects!